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Our manufacturing facility is located in Sztutowo. It is a location where exceptionally beautiful and rich amber deposits are present, known all over the world. We are using exclusively the amber of top quality, which translates into uniqueness of our products.

For the purpose of producing and processing the amber tiles, we are utilizing originally designed machinery. Thanks to the above, we are able to reach highest production output, equal to tens of kilos of tiles daily.


Our flagship product, amber tiles, are produced from Baltic Amber, without any additives. Processed using high temperature and pressure only. During production amber, because of its delicacy, needs to be treated with a great care. That is why all of our machines require manual skills and knowledge. 


Price is mainly shaped by the raw amber cost, mostly its color. We acquire material legally, without harming an environment. Base price (EXW) is in the range of 400 – 1000 USD + applicable taxes for 1 kg of finished product, whereas additional customizations are charged on top of that. For an exact cost please feel free to send us quotation request (free of charge).

Standard dimensions are:

25×25   |   25×50   |   50×50   |   100×100   |   200×200[mm]

For special order we can make sizes ranging from 10×10 up to 400×400 [mm]. Tiles are cut using specially designed diamond discs, so they do not overheat tiles. Our experience showed that the manual work is preferred as utilizing laser or waterjet techniques always leaves sides with burns and at an angle. Standard thickness is 8 or 10 millimeters, with possibility to reach even 50 millimeters per request. Size, color, chamfering and engraving can be customized to your needs.


To every order we provide CE (Conformité Européenne) declaration, specification and manual. Laying amber tiles is comparable to more common materials like stone. We recommend using high quality elastic mounting adhesive for gluing, silicone or acrylic filler for grouting. On special request we can provide door-to-door service, with our specialists installing tiles in a place of choice anywhere in the world.

Our tiles are laboratory tested according 

to the following European Union Directives:

EN 13329  |  EN 438-2  |  EN ISO 23999