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About us

We are a manufacturer of amber products from Vistula Spit, one hour drive from Gdansk. We are a family company, currently managed by the third generation of craftsmen. Amber has a unique meaning for us, thus we are taking great care of selecting the proper materials and processing methods.
Our manufacturing facility is located in Sztutowo. It is a location where exceptionally beautiful and rich amber deposits are present, known all over the world. We are using exclusively the amber of top quality, which translates into uniqueness of our products.


Baltic amber (succinite) is the fossilized resin from trees in the Baltic region that grew 50 million years ago. Baltic amber is the only one among the fossil resins that contains a lot (3-8%) of succinic acid. The healing properties of amber have been known for a long time. In antiquity, amber fascinated Aristotle, Thales of Miletus and Ovid. Cleopatra was burning it using it as incense.

There are many benefits to using Baltic amber, the most significant benefits include: Emits negative ions, so it is a natural air ionizer. Relieves pain and inflammation. Supports the immune system .Supports the throat and thyroid gland. Can assist with anxiety and stress.


For the purpose of producing and processing the amber, we are utilizing originally designed machinery. Thanks to the above, we are able to reach highest production output, equal to tens of kilos daily.